2020 Election

In keeping with a commitment to the community and the media, The University of New Mexico provides its “2020 Election Experts” website accessible throughout election season. The 2020 election cycle is unique: The incumbent president was impeached and acquitted, and now seeks a second term; his opponent has chosen an African American woman as his running mate; a pandemic has sickened millions and left thousands dead; the stock market soars and dips as American families are hurt financially through job layoffs and shutdowns; protests and riots erupt in cities across the nation due to social injustice issues.

 UNM’s 2020 election experts cover these topics and others offering their insights on the key issues associated with the 2020 general election. Media members interested in interviewing UNM’s election experts may contact University Communications Representatives Rachel Whitt, rwhitt@unm.edu or (505) 417-6532 Marissa Lucero, mlucer9@unm.edu or (505) 450-7348 and Media Relations Officer Dan Jiron, danjiron@unm.edu or (505) 221-9754.


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Election Preview - What does the U.S. 2020 election look like?
Lonna R. Atkeson - Director- Center for the Study of Voting, Elections, and Democracy, Institute for Social Research
October 13, 2020