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David Weiss
Assistant Professor - Communication and Journalism

Dr. Weiss teaches courses in strategic communication, political communication, and media studies. His research interests include media discourse, political and religious communication, and the media and popular culture industries. Before his return to academia in 2000, Dr. Weiss worked in the advertising agency business in New York City for almost two decades. He has taught in Oregon, Ohio, and Montana, and is thrilled to be back at UNM, where he earned his Ph.D degree in 2005.

How do Voters Choose in a "Post Fact" Society?
October 19, 2012

With more information than ever being thrown at voters, and it mattering less and less to how they vote, David Weiss, assistant professor in Communication and Journalism at the University of New Mexico and UNM Election 2012 Media Expert, looks at the impact this has on the voting public.

How Much is the Media To Blame for Candidates Lying?
September 29, 2012

David Weiss looks at how culpable the media is for providing a landscape that allows political candidates to lie at will, and then "correct" their statements later. 

What Happens When Candidates Lie?
September 20, 2012

UNM Assistant Professor David Weiss, one of UNM's Election 2012 Media Experts, discusses the impact of lies from political candidates on the American public. 

Are Candidates Lying More Than in the Past?
September 20, 2012

UNM Communication and Journalism assistant professor, and UNM Media Expert, David Weiss talks about the idea that political candidates are lying more this year than in previous years. He also looks at why they might do it, and the impact (or lack thereof) on the voting public.