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Peter Kierst
Senior Lecturer and Graduate Advisor - Political Science

Peter Kierst teaches Constitutional Law and theory. A trial lawyer in New Mexico for 30 years, Kierst served as an adjunct professor of Evidence and Trial Practice at the UNM Law School for 14 years. He has been awarded the highest possible professional rating (AV), the state bar’s Zenith Award for professionalism education and the ACLU’s Guardian of Liberty award. In his last case as an attorney, he served as lead counsel for the plaintiffs in the New Mexico same-sex marriage litigation, which resulted in the New Mexico Supreme Court holding that the constitution required marriage equality. Kierst’s CV contains information about cases in which he has been involved and his teaching interests.

Cases and teaching interests


Obama's Use of Executive Powers Related to Deporation
March 11, 2016

Is President Obama working within his executive power when he sends rules about who should or should not be deported to the Justice Department and to the Department of Homeland Security?